Friday! Splurge Day!

Okay so this is the day I cheated myself. I ate late, more than once and had beers and cocktails. Oh My!

Not a great idea, but everything I had was amazing. I found a hidden gem near my house! Our very own neighborhood brewery! One way to keep your stress down is to just go in your neighborhood and try a place you’ve never been before. You are allowed a reward day for all the hard work you put in throughout the week. I definitely did that. Fridays are usually the day I pick. After a long week of work and all the tasks that are completed, sometimes it’s really needed.

Splurge days are always fun, just have to make sure not to overdue it. You don’t want to feel horrible the next day because you stuffed yourself the night before. It’s best to still enjoy things in moderation. Rewards are needed when you workout and eat right all the time. You treat it as an incentive to keep up the good work going forward. So make sure you set a splurge day to reward yourself and your health will continue to improve.