Starting Your Yoga Practice

Knowing how to begin can sometimes seem difficult and overwhelming. It feels like no matter how hard you want to start, you can never find the time to do so. Does that sound familiar? I have an easy way to help you get started and stay on top of your new (or help to improve upon your current) yogi lifestyle practice. These suggestions are so easy to follow that you can start right now today.

For starters, you will need a few supplies if you do not already have them. They can be found in most stores and online:

  • A yoga mat 🙂 okay that one was obvious
  • A blanket or towel
  • A strap, or you could use a belt
  • Two yoga blocks
  • A calendar, you will need a paper one and you can use an app

Make sure your calendar is where you can see it everyday when you wake up and go to sleep. We have to first start by making a schedule. Do you already have a morning routine? A night time ritual? If so, you will understand how using a schedule can come in handy. If your calendar does not have already have it, feel free to begin by writing out your typical day in half-hour increments. From the time you wake up, say 5:45 AM, until the time you go sleep around 9:30 PM.

Now look for times when you are the least active. Whether is first thing when you wake up, or part of your lunch break, or before you eat dinner. All you need is 15-20 minutes of time to squeeze in your yoga practice. Write in the times you plan to practice yoga for a week, making sure you have a time scheduled each day.

If you plan on doing some morning yoga as part of your routine, you can do some easy stretches and poses right in your bed before doing anything else to help you wake up and feel energized for the day. If you plan on doing yoga during your lunch break, make sure you do it before you eat. You can do some simple office chair poses and stretches. When you get home for the day, you should schedule your yoga practice before you have your dinner. That is, should you choose to schedule your evening yoga practice.

Did you notice the pattern there at all? Yoga should be performed on an empty stomach. You of course should drink water to stay hydrated; however, you will do some inverted poses and it is best not to have food on your stomach.

Once you have your schedule together, then you will want to duplicate this process each week so that you can fully embrace your yoga practice.