Doubt: One of Our Biggest Enemies



A feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction. — “some doubt has been cast upon the authenticity of this account”Synonyms: uncertainty, unsureness, indecisionhesitation, dubiousness, suspicionconfusion


  1. feel uncertain about. – “I doubt my ability to do the job”
  2. archaic fear; be afraid of. – “I doubt not your contradictions”

I felt it was important to look at the proper definition of what doubt is to then understand what it does to a person. Doubt is a very powerful weapon that can be used to insight even the smallest bit of fear in us. I do not know about everyone’s situation; however, when doubt hits me, it makes me a little scared of what is to come next. It can come when you least expect it as well.

I usually feel doubt creep up on me the most right when I get excited about a new project or a new path I have decided to take to better myself. Doubtful thoughts come up such as: “How will I get to from point A to point B without making a fool of myself?”, or “What am I really doing? Can I even succeed in this?” It always happens, but I know they are fleeting thoughts.

Doubt is fleeting while Faith is permanent. I can say this with confidence because the only time doubt fades for me is when I increase my faith and believe that doubt is just a temporary inkling that I get. It does get hard to remind ourselves of this fact though. As with anything we decide to do in life, it is greeted with a little bit of uncertainty. The important part is to remember that yes it is okay to doubt sometimes, but not to constantly stay in that state and never progress forward.

Some of us do get stuck. I like to think of it as pushing a truck or car out of a parking spot in Chicago winter months. At first, you try and push your hardest to get out of the park and on the first, and maybe even second, try you just cannot get it out. You start to feel like it will be stuck in that park forever and doubt that you will drive it somewhere soon. Then someone comes along to assist and you believe and have faith that with their help, you will get out. Now, you are free from the park.

It happens all the time in life. Just remember that your faith is what removes doubt.

Doubt is fleeting. Faith is permanent.