Value Yourself & Others

Sometimes we are faced with the hard choice of how exactly we should measure our value. It can be hard because most people will immediately think of their status in life (career, family, etc.) instead of their self-worth (what is inside of them). We think of all the external aspects and not the internal.

Your attitude towards yourself is EVERYTHING!

With that being said, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of self-worth or value? For me, it is self-esteem. In sociology and psychology, self-esteem reflects a person’s overall subjective emotional evaluation of his/her own worth. It is a judgment of oneself as well as an attitude toward the self. If you are struggling with believing you are a valued individual, it will be hard for you to open yourself up to love.

Though you might find it strange, take a hard look at yourself in the mirror and say “You are AMAZING!” Say it with conviction, knowing that it is true. Each and every one of us is made differently but made amazingly. It is important that we recognize the good traits we have that help increase our self-esteem and value. Some of those traits can be: Kind, Intelligent, Humble, Generous, Nurturing, Patient, Brave, Listener. That is just to name a few. I bet if you look inside yourself, you can think of more traits than that.

Sometimes it can be hard to see the value inside when the outside world is telling you to feel insecure about yourself. I have found that there a few exercises out there that will help you to block out the outside noise and listen to the positive voice within. One way to that is to keep a gratitude journal and in it each day write five good things about that day. Expressing gratitude for even the smallest things helps open you up to not only appreciating the day but in time appreciating yourself.

You can also start a self-esteem journal. I actually found a really good worksheet on a website that has helped me start my own self-esteem journal. The website I found it on is called Therapist Aid and it has an abundance of resources for mental health professionals on multiple topics for clients of all ages. I found the tools and worksheets to be quite helpful. They have a free membership and paid memberships resources available.**

Power pose is also another great way to keep or boost your confidence and self-esteem high. First, you stand in front of a mirror that allows you to see your entire body. Then, place both hands on your hips (men, use fists) and stand up straight with your chest high. While looking at yourself in your power pose, recognize that you have the soul of a hero and now you look like one. Say to yourself, “You got this! You can do anything you set your mind to! You are AWESOME! I love YOU!”

All of these actions help increase the love you feel for yourself because you appreciate all that you are and all that you can be. Remember to take it one day at a time. YOU got this!




**Please note: I would never recommend you stop following the care of your health care professional. I only suggest other tools that can be used in addition.