Mask Day!

Okay, so it’s always a good decision to take care of your body on the inside and out. I decided, for myself, that I would try a head-to-toe approach. So I literally started with my hair: finding a good regimen, products to use, and to maintain its healthy appearance. (I’ll make other posts about my hair revelations later, but I was too excited about this face mask).

Today is about my face!

I have found one amazing Dead Sea Mud Mask by Pure Body Naturals! OMG! I love this mask! Not only does it make my skin feel amazing, it’s all natural! I can actually pronounce every single last ingredient in the mask, which is usually a rough task. I must say, my face has never felt this clean and refreshed. I definitely can see how it’s a number top seller on I will definitely be using this mask every week for a deep cleansing, to shrink my pores, and help with keeping acne at bay. 

I definitely recommend this buy!

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