In the Beginning

2015 Started It All OMG!!!

When I say that going natural was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made, I’m nowhere near kidding! I began learning all of the different techniques that are common in the Health & Wellness community. You know, the recommendations of using natural products in your hair and not applying heat to your hair. Along with how to take better care of your skin and inner beauty. There was so much information out there! I was immediately overwhelmed on where to start and who to believe. However, I was doing a good job of taking notes when I would find repeating tips and tricks.

Eventually, I found some amazing sources that I have been using since I started my journey. The best part about this journey – and you will find this to be true as well – you are never alone. So many people have decided to make the same decision as you and I have. I mean, I’m sure you wouldn’t have landed on my page otherwise. The best piece of advice I received and can give to others is this:

Try to not get overwhelmed and stressed out while learning. Rome wasn’t built in a day and change doesn’t happen overnight. Never give up.